Sourcing Vintage Shoes on eBay

One of my favourite books is Vintage Shoes by Caroline Cox. She is one of the go-to people on shoes. Recently interviewed Caroline on vintage shoes and she gave her tips for shoe collections and sourcing shoes on eBay.

Below are some excerpts from the interview or you can read the full interview.
The Inside Source: How do serious shoe collectors use eBay online auctions as a style resource?Caroline Cox: eBay is an amazing resource for vintage shoes, as you have the whole world to shop in. There are plenty of bargains to be had out there.
The Inside Source: What vintage shoes have you bought recently on eBay online auctions yourself?Caroline Cox: I use eBay all the time. My most recent purchase was a pair of vintage biker boots. And I bought an amazing pair of Kumagai shoes!

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Australian Shoe Fair Wrap Up

Last weekend we exhibited at the Australian Shoe Fair in Sydney. It was the first time our foot pamper ranges had been displayed offline and we received some great feedback.
In between showcasing the products, I had a look around the fair and found some great new shoes.

California Comfort Shoes

This brand is new to the market and are stylish, comfortable and versatile. And I mean comfy! With two styles to choose from – Mary Jane’s (with sensible 3 inch heels) and Ballet Flats, they have changeable shoe clips to take you from day to night. You can some at this site. The inner sole is cushioned and is really soft under your feet and there are a range of colors available. The clips come in a variety of designs from plain roses and bows to decorative and sparkly (we all love a little sparkle at night). If you are looking for versatile and comfy shoes, check out California Comfort Shoes.

Aussie SolesThese Aussie Soles say they “relax ya feet!” and they do. They are really light, fit perfectly and have support under the arch. They are injection moulded so there is no chance of having the straps pull out from the sole of the thong. Not only are the thongs great, Aussie Soles believe that everyone should have the opportunity to wear shoes and have donated over 300,000 pairs of shoes to charity.


pipduck are designer rainwear. I have been looking for some designer wellies for winter and really like their range. Their designs have won prestigious awards and the hard part now is to decide which design I want.

One of the accessories pipduck stock are InnerBooti’s. I think these are great! It is an inner sock with faux fur that you can slip under your boots (and wellies) to add some fur to the top of your boot. There are several styles available.

Of course, there were so many other shoes but these are a few favourites!

How to give yourself an at home foot spa session

As winter approaches, we tend to hide and neglect our feet. But regular at home foot spa sessions will keep your feet looking good and you feeling great, and it won’t break the bank (leaving you more money for much needed shoes)!

To have a relaxing and revitalising foot spa session at home, you will need a foot bowl (or use your bath tub), a cloth and towel, a jug of water, your favourite fashion mag or book and at least 30 minutes.

Foot Soak

Before you soak your feet, exfoliate them with a pumice stone (wet or dry) to remove any dry skin and soften hard skin areas. Put some warm water in the foot bowl, enough to cover both your feet to just over your ankles. Add either a blend of essential oils (5-6 drops) or 10ml of foot bath salts. Soak your feet for up to 5 minutes, rinse and towel dry.

Foot Wash

Wet your feet with clean water and add 5ml of foot wash to each foot, lather all of your feet including between your toes, thoroughly cleaning your feet. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Foot Scrub

Apply the foot scrub to dry feet, add a little water and massage into your feet focussing on the hard skins areas. Massage the whole foot as it will exfoliate your skin and  provide some circulation to your feet. After the gel dries, wipe off with a damp cloth and towel dry.

Foot Cream

Massage a scoop of thick foot cream into each foot and don’t forget your toes and your heels! Allow a few minutes for it to soak in to nourish the skin.

Foot Mask

Wet your feet with clean water and apply 5ml of the foot mask and rub into your feet, again focussing on the dry and hard skin areas. Allow the foot mask to dry so it can help draw out toxins and impurities. Wipe off the mask with a damp cloth and dry your feet thoroughly.

Foot Lotion

Apply a water based foot lotion using circular motions. Rub into each foot and let it soak in so your feet feel soft and moisturised.

Foot Spray

The last part of the foot spa session is the foot spray. Spray each foot, top and bottom, with the foot spray to cool, soothe and rehydrate your feet.

Treat yourself to a foot spa, it will relax you and your feet will look gorgeous!